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We are the market leader

We are a subsidiary of a group specializing in the production of wooden packaging.
In our process optimization and environmental protection, we have chosen to install a Bio Energy production plant within our production site. We integrate and a string to match our commitment to energy saving and environmental friendliness.

  • Respect the environment.
  • Quality products.
  • Products that adapts to all homes.
  • Optimum security.

Nos produits

Industrial pellets

  • Industrial pellets are largely made of wood from the primary wood processing.
  • They may optionally be mixed with wood from the processing of packaging or timber of gross size of deciduous trees.
  • No additives or binding agent is added for the mechanical and thermal characteristics of the product.
  • The mini PCI is calculated on the dry mass.
  • The industrial pellet will be delivered in a clean packaging to the customer.
  • The rate of foreign body may not exceed 0.1%

Kindling wood SolFire

Night Logs

Densified wood logs night is made from bark containing up to 90% poplar bark and 10% to other woods.

Fuel 100% organic and 100% natural

Wood logs orange based

Premium logs based on orange groves

Logs based on argan nuts

Logs based on argan shells.

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